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TSA Pat Down Alert

I know the TSA people are all really professionally trained to catch the bad guys before they get on a plane and cause havoc. So why do they have to put old ladies and others, who are obviously not a … Continue reading

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Pipeline Popeye

The Triple Crown of Surfing in Hawaii has begun this year with the first contest at Haleiwa, The Reef Hawaiian Pro from Nov. 12th through Nov. 24. The next contest is the O’Niell Cup, held at Sunset Beach and the … Continue reading

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Happy Birthday Mickey!

 Nov. 18th, 1928 Steam Boat Willy was released. This was the first sound cartoon with perfectly synchronized music and sound effects. There were two silent Mickey Mouse cartoons produced before this but they were held back pending the outcome of … Continue reading

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Celebrity Faces

David Schwimmer, Taylor Swift and Piper ParaboCelebreties seem to have faces that are cartoonlike without having to work too hard at capturing the likeness.

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Obama Will Work With Republicans

News Flash!! Obama says he’ll work with the Republicans (as long as he gets what he wants)! Is this what Charlie Brown feels like when Lucy says she’ll hold the ball? “Come on Chuck, run and kick the ball. Don’t … Continue reading

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The Voters Have Spoken

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