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1928 Ford pick up

I love old cars and trucks. I guess it’s a nostalgia thing when life was a bit more simple and you could actually work on your own car. No computers, fuel injection, power steering or brakes. Everything just mechanical and … Continue reading

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Sunset in London

I found I was getting too tight with my painting and decided to get as loose as I could with this one. This was done with a palette knife, popcicle stick and index finger. A photo from our trip to … Continue reading

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Bernhard Winery

I was in Auburn, Ca. last year and happened by this house with a large stone building in the yard. I took a photo and figured I’d get to painting it sooner or later. Well I finally got to it … Continue reading

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Back Off

Some times I see people who give the impression they wouldn’t hurt a fly but when pushed they will tear you apart, much like a momma bear protecting they’re baby. You just can’t judge people by what they look like. … Continue reading

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Livin’ Large

You don’t see very many over weight people in Europe so I was surprised to see this large lady at an outdoor cafe. She looked like a happy sort and was enjoying the company of friends while having lunch.4 1/2″ … Continue reading

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