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In ancient China, various species of carp (collectively known as Asian carps) were domesticated and have been reared as food fish for thousands of years. Some of these normally gray or silver species have a tendency to produce red, orange … Continue reading

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Biden in the Fourth Grade

The V.P. Joe Biden visited the fourth grade class of  Goode  Elementary  School  in Pennsylvania on Oct.18 and had a few things to say pushing  Obama’s jobs plan. Do fourth graders really give a crap about politics? No, this was … Continue reading

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The Conversation

I thought these two pears looked like they were whispering to each other so I call it “The Conversation”. I’m happy with the colors I pulled out of these two ripe yummy looking subjects.Still life in oil 8″x10″ on canvas panel. … Continue reading

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Simons Cat

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New Show at the Blue Line Gallery

Come on by and check out the spooky art for Halloween. That’s my watercolor of Frankenstein’s Monster, ooohh scarey.

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Wall Street Protests

Now that Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid are sympathetic to the protesters, this movement is doomed.

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Go fish

Unarmed perchletI like painting fish in watercolors. The medium seems to fit the subject with the watery look.This is a small fish from the south seas and is not really sought out for tanks as they are relatively rare.

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Fu Manchu Lionfish

Fun with fish! Known as: Nemapterois Biocellata, Scorpionfishes, Twospot Lionfish, Twospot Turkeyfish, Two-eyed Lionfish, Double-Ocellated Scorpionfish, Ocellated Lionfish, Fu Manchu Lionfish and Fu Manchu Lion. Found singly on shallow reef flats and caves usually only at night.A very secretive Lionfish.They feed … Continue reading

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