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1821-SANTA CLAUS BORN – This day the poem “A Visit From Saint Nicholas” was printed in the Troy Centinal a New York newspaper. Although it was published anonymously, a few years later a bible school teacher, the Reverand Clement Clarke … Continue reading

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Gil Elvgren Pin Up Girl

“Christmas Eve Waiting For Santa” by Gil Elvgren the foremost pinup girl artist of the 20th century. Gil was very succesful from the thirties through the sixties and illustrated countless calenders, magazine articles, books and book covers. You can see … Continue reading

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Al Gore In Hell

I like doing political cartoons. There is always some politician saying or doing something nutty.I find Al Gore seems to always be putting his foot in it, especially recently when he said the earths core is millions of degrees. Come … Continue reading

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The Party Of No

This is what happens when all of the branches of government are being run by the same party. Unfortunately the Democrats are in charge of the Congress, Senate and Presidency and are spending borrowed money like there’s no tomorrow and … Continue reading

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I Like Chickens

I miss the little chicken pen we had in the woods outside Nevada City so thought I’d pay homage to the old hens and rooster. Nothing like a COCK-A-DOODLE-DOOOO at 4 am. Then the rooster goes back to sleep.

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Harry Reid

So Harry Reid says to Mary Landrieu (D. AL) “Hey, I’ll give you $100,000,000.00 if you vote yes on my Health Care Bill” and Mary says ” Make that $300,000,000.00 and ya’ got a deal”. So Harry says “Deal!” and … Continue reading

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