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Halloween Treat

Here’s another B.G. I fished out of the Filmation dumpster back in the 70’s. This is from the Sabrina and The Groovie Ghoulies show. The Grovie Ghoulies were a take off on the popular Munsters show which was live action. … Continue reading

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Little Church in Honokowai (Maui)

In Honokowai, Maui there is a little church that caught my eye a few years ago and I finallygot around to painting it.We will be going back again next April and I plan to do a little painting, a little … Continue reading

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Journey Back To Oz

This is a B.G. I pulled out of the Filmation dumpster back in the 70’s after production ended on the ‘Journey Back To Oz’ film. It was common practice to dump all the art work from a show after the … Continue reading

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The Waiter

Here’s another waiter I decided to paint. There’s something about a professional waiter that I find fascinating. Maybe because they remind me of the nuns in catholic school. The uniform (?), stern expression (?) deliberate work ethic (?). I’m not … Continue reading

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April In London

So I finally finished it. A London Street scene from our trip to Europe last spring.24 x 30 oil on canvas

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Granny runs over Obama Care

I don’t usually get political here but this one’s drivin’ me crazy, besides it gives me an excuse to draw a cartoon, not that I need an excuse. So what’s up with this government health care take over? Who needs … Continue reading

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