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House on Otis St.

10″x7″ pen and ink sketch of a little house on Otis St. in Alameda, Ca. built around 1936.

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Boats in Harbor

                                                                      The Painting                                                                     The Inspiration I have a lot of photos of our vacations and when I’m out of ideas I brows through them to see if there’s a scene I can translate into a painting.  This photo was … Continue reading

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Obama Quixote

It seems to me that Don Quixote and Barack Obama have a lot in common, like fighting imaginary monsters and trying to save the damsel in distress. One difference I see is that Don Quixote hated windmills but Obama loves … Continue reading

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Wishful Thinking

Thinking about the islands got me to painting from my imagination. I like painting like this every once in a while just to see what comes out.watercolor

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Hulk in the Grass

Just a piece of junk to some but I thought it would make an interesting painting. What do you think?Watercolor, pen and ink

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American Continental Congress

This is the day in 1776 the American Continental Congress voted for independance from England.Thomas Jefferson wrote the document called The Declaration of Independence and the Congress voted 12 – YAY, 0 – NAY with New York abstaining. “The business is done.” John … Continue reading

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