Doug’s ’41 Chevy

Doug Horton's 41 Chevy - Copy The Horton Iris Farm in Loomis, Ca. has a few old trucks and tractors as props for people like me to paint along with the flowers and barns. It’s a great place to visit in April and May when the Iris’s are blooming.


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Big Daddy – oil 8″ x 10″

Big Daddy RoosterA hefty rooster struts the barnyard.

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Still Workin’

Nice old tractor paintingI saw this old tractor in Penryn, Ca, and had to paint it. It looks like it was still in working order, just kind of old. Just because we get old doesn’t mean we don’t work any more. I’ve spent my life as an artist and still love finding something interesting to capture for my memories.

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George Allen Durkee march 7 2017

George Durkee gave a talk and demo and all I could see from this position was his back so, instead of wondering what he was painting I decided to do a little of my own art. He was a good model and didn’t move too much from this position.

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Engine #1824 – oil

Those letters and numbers on the sides of train engines and cars have meanings.

The HLCX on this engine stands for Helm Leasing Co. and the X means it’s privately owned.   oil on board 12″ x 16″ available

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Belgian Malinois

malinois-painting-2 I’ve never heard of a Malinois before my friend asked me to do a portrait of hers. The breed is a cousin of the German Shepard but are very high strung and full of energy.

watercolor – sold

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’57 Vee Dub

vw-bug-redo-small The iconic VW bug made it’s mark on the youth of America during the 1960’s and 70’s as a cheap mode of transportation. I owned two of them along with a ’63 bus.

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