Characature sketches

Caracatures 1

As I watch Jimmy Kimmel I like to draw his guests. Very quick sketches, as fast as I can and try to capture the likeness.


About toonsville

I'm a retired animator and Director and I've worked mostly on TV Saturday morning cartoon shows. I started in the industry in 1966 at The Disney Studios in Burbank as an in-betweener on 'The Jungle Book' and worked at Filmation Studios, Hana Barbera, MGM, Universal, Cartoon Network and several others during my 42 years in the business.
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2 Responses to Characature sketches

  1. Cad says:

    Sorry to nitpick, but it’s spelt CARICATURE.
    Great drawing skills though, sir! And if I’d ever heard of Jimmy Kimmel (who he?) or any of the other folks in your sketchbook (sorry, no idea who they are either), I’m sure I would say they were excellent caricatures.

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