Taliban Joe

The other day our Vice President said “The Taliban is not our enemy per se…”. It makes me wonder who it is that’s been shooting at our guys in Afganistan. If the Taliban isn’t our enemy, then are they our friends? With friends like that who needs enemies? I think it’s the Obama administration trying to make nice again with those who want us dead. Maybe then they can declare victory and the war on terrorism would be over. YAY! Victory! Let’s pull our troops out and go home. Hmmm… I wonder.


About toonsville

I'm a retired animator and Director and I've worked mostly on TV Saturday morning cartoon shows. I started in the industry in 1966 at The Disney Studios in Burbank as an in-betweener on 'The Jungle Book' and worked at Filmation Studios, Hana Barbera, MGM, Universal, Cartoon Network and several others during my 42 years in the business.
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2 Responses to Taliban Joe

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  2. Bill says:

    Tell me why I'm wrong. I'd like to hear your point of view.

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