Bernhard Winery

I was in Auburn, Ca. last year and happened by this house with a large stone building in the yard. I took a photo and figured I’d get to painting it sooner or later. Well I finally got to it and here it is. I was impressed by the size of it thinking it must have been a wine cellar or cold storage place of some sort. After contacting the Placer Arts they told me the house in the background is owned by the Placer County Museum called The Bernhard House. The stone building is a winery which was built in 1874 and is now rented to Bambauch Wines.
12″ x 16″ watercolor If interested contact me at


About toonsville

I'm a retired animator and Director and I've worked mostly on TV Saturday morning cartoon shows. I started in the industry in 1966 at The Disney Studios in Burbank as an in-betweener on 'The Jungle Book' and worked at Filmation Studios, Hana Barbera, MGM, Universal, Cartoon Network and several others during my 42 years in the business.
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