Santa Claus

The poem “The Night Before Christmas” was first published in The Troy Centinal, a New York newspaper, in 1823. It was written by Clement Clark Moore and was celebrated in his time as the father of Santa Claus. In an 1859 reprint of the poem the famed cartoonist Thomas Nast drew this, the first likeness of Santa. In 1934 the illustrator Haddon Sumblom painted the modern version that we all know for a Coca Cola ad campaign.
Merry Christmas


About toonsville

I'm a retired animator and Director and I've worked mostly on TV Saturday morning cartoon shows. I started in the industry in 1966 at The Disney Studios in Burbank as an in-betweener on 'The Jungle Book' and worked at Filmation Studios, Hana Barbera, MGM, Universal, Cartoon Network and several others during my 42 years in the business.
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